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"An international social and support group for adult    cross dressers, their partners, the spouses of married cross dressers and their families."

Tri-Ess is a not for profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation

Sigma Epsilon Typical Weekend Information

We meet each month in a suite at a local hotel. Our meetings begin on a Friday afternoon, continue all day Saturday, and conclude Sunday morning. The hotel suite consists of a primary meeting room and across the hall, a separate living room / bedroom suite with two bathrooms. The living room / bedroom suite is available for members to change clothes at the hotel without having to check into a room of their own. There is no requirement for anyone to be crossdressed at any of our meetings or functions. Sigma Epsilon is a support group that encourages participation by not only the crossdresser but also by the significant other and any other adult family members.

Friday evening:

About 4:00 pm members start arriving at the hotel suite. About 6:00 pm we entertain suggestions about where we will go eat dinner and decide where to go. We usually leave the hotel suite between 6:30 and 7:00 pm depending on where we are going and how many are in the group. After dinner we return to the hotel suite. Some members may go to the lounge area in the hotel for refreshments. Others will sometimes go out to visit area nightclubs. By 11:30 pm remaining members that are not staying at the hotel leave for home.

Saturday Morning:

Members start arriving around 9:00 am. About 10:00 am we have our support group discussion in the meeting suite. Members usually give a brief bio introduction of themselves for the benefit of any newcomers. The discussion is open to anyone and everyone. What is talked about during the session is confidential and is not to be discussed outside of the group. The exception would be that if an individual has some personal issues and wants to talk with someone on a one on one basis.

We do have wives that attend often. Not all of the crossdressers’ wives attend, and some of those that do may not be in attendance each month. However, there is always at least one wife present who can discuss privately any concerns a newly visiting wife may have outside of the rest of the group.

Saturday afternoon:

At lunchtime those in attendance normally break up into smaller groups for afternoon activities. While everyone may or may not go to lunch together members are free to choose to participate in a planned activity or go off on their own or with a few others for shopping, makeovers, or whatever. Planned activities have included such things as bowling, picnics, visits to the zoo, museums, or even going to the movies. Members have even gone to the Georgia Aquarium, the Renaissance Fair, and the Gwinnett County Fair.

About mid-afternoon members start returning to the hotel suite. Most members will change clothes from daytime casual to something dressier for going out to dinner.

Saturday evening:

The Saturday evening dinner is a planned group meal at a restaurant selected a few weeks in advance. The restaurant selected is posted in the chapter newsletter, which every member gets a copy of prior to the meeting weekend. (The newsletter is sent in color PDF format to all members with an email address. Black and white hardcopies are sent to those few members who do not provide an e-mail address.) Depending on the time of the restaurant reservations, we leave for dinner between 6:30 and 7 pm. After dinner we return to the hotel for continued socializing. Again, some members may go to the hotel lounge or other nightlife locations around town. By 11:30 pm remaining members will head home or to their own rooms after the suite is cleaned up.

Sunday morning:

For those members that have stayed overnight to Sunday morning, there is a breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, everyone goes their separate ways.

About our going out in public:

We never go anywhere that we believe it would not be safe for us to go. Most locations we go to have already been checked out carefully by at least a few of our board members. We have procedures to deal with restroom issues that are designed to keep everyone out of trouble.

Dress Attire

What to wear? Wear what you are comfortable with wearing. We would suggest you keep it conservative. You do not want to wear something outlandish unless attending a costume party. “Fetish wear” or anything overly revealing is never acceptable at our meetings or functions. For Friday evening, dressing up a little extra (such as a woman’s business suit or a dress) is okay and appropriate. If you want to wear jeans, you might just want to dress it up a bit with heels and appropriate accessories for going out to dinner on a Friday night. Saturday morning and afternoon, it is usually best to wear something casual and comfortable. Depending on the activity during the day, you might want to wear a t-shirt, slacks (or jeans) and flat pumps or sneakers. Saturday evening it would again be appropriate to wear something a bit more dressed up. A jean skirt or a formal evening gown would usually be out of place on a Saturday evening.

When going out in public, being able to “pass” is not a requirement (and usually impossible with a large group), but dressing and conducting oneself as a proper lady is a requirement.

Special Events During the Year:

There are three separate special event months: February, April (or May) and December.

Valentine’s day is in February, so a “non-dressed” dinner somewhere special is planned. This is where, on the Saturday night, the crossdresser takes the wife out to a nice restaurant with other couples in the group, but no one is crossdressed. This is intended as a “Thank you” to all the wives for their support during the year. Members who do not have wives present for that activity do still go out crossdressed on the Saturday night, but at a different restaurant. The two groups do not go to the same restaurant together to avoid possible recognition issues.

In April (or sometimes May) we have our Spring Ball. This is the equivalent of a girl’s senior prom. This is the event of the year to wear that special formal gown or a themed costume. Each year there is a special theme. Themes in recent years have included Mardi Gras, a Hawaiian Luau, a Sock Hop, and A Night at the Casino.

The Holiday Party is held in December. This is when we have our final get together for the year at the hotel suite. It is where we dress up in our special Christmas party outfits. There are lots of excellent food and drink provided by our members. We have music, skits, and other entertainment to keep us amused. We play a gift exchange game known as “Dirty Santa”. It is a time for fellowship and good fun.

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