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"An international social and support group for adult    cross dressers, their partners, the spouses of married cross dressers and their families."

Tri-Ess is a not for profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation

Membership Requirements

Membership in Sigma Epsilon shall be limited to adult crossdressers only and their spouses or significant others. An important part of Sigma Epsilon's mission is to provide support to these spouses and significant others, many of whom struggle with the cross dressing of their partner and its near and long-term impact on their relationship. Experience has shown that Sigma Epsilon cannot provide counseling and support to every part of the transgender spectrum as the needs are too varied and sometimes conflicting. Our expertise is in providing help to crossdressers and their loved ones. While we may maintain ties with those persons who are on a path to full transition, we cannot provide them with the support that their situation requires.

In order to fully participate in all that Sigma Epsilon does, it is also necessary to be a member of Tri-Ess, the national organization of which Sigma Epsilon is a chapter.

Membership Costs

  • Sigma Epsilon's annual membership dues are $40.
  • In addition to the annual membership dues, there is a $20 meeting fee for those who attend our monthly meeting. This helps to defray the cost of our hospitality meeting suite and refreshments. There is no charge for spouses or S.O.'s who attend our meetings.
  • Information regarding membership in Tri-Ess may be found at the Tri-Ess website at:

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