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"An international social and support group for adult    cross dressers, their partners, the spouses of married cross dressers and their families."

Tri-Ess is a not for profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation

We welcome everyone of all ages.  This is not an adult site nor do we link to adult sites.

What Is Sigma Epsilon?

Sigma Epsilon is the Atlanta, Georgia chapter of Tri-Ess International, a non-profit support and social organization for adult cross dressers.

We provide the same support on issues surrounding cross dressing for the spouses, significant others and families of our members.

A copy of our By-Laws, updated 09/09/2017, can be found here.

What Do We Do?

Sigma Epsilon provides the adult cross  dresser support and friendship, as well as a place to express their feminine side in a safe, secure environment.

Sigma Epsilon sisters provide you the opportunity to meet other people who share this same need of gender expression, helps you to realize there are other people out there just like you -- and allows you to ask them any questions you may have regarding cross dressing.

Sigma Epsilon also provides you and your loved one, the opportunity and resources to gain a better understanding of cross dressing as it relates your day-to-day interaction with each other.

Our Mission & Promise

Sigma Epsilon will provide a safe, supportive, and confidential forum that encourages open dialogue to guide our sisters and their loved ones toward a better understanding of the phenomenon of adult cross dressing and how it relates to their individual lives and relationships.

  1. We strive always to listen without judgment and to share our own experiences in order to provide a perspective but never with the intent to "influence" or "lead" a sister or a loved one  to acceptance. Rather, we strive to guide them to a better level of understanding and comfort.
  2. We will encourage open communication between the cross dresser and their loved one.  To reinforce a deeper relationship through a healthy and balanced understanding of how cross dressing may be incorporated into their life in a mutually acceptable manner.
  3. We will always reinforce a positive message to the public in general through our appearance and conduct, developing a clear and concise identity as cross dressers.
  4. We will work to further the identity of the cross dresser as one who is equally integral but also a unique and distinct part of the larger spectrum of gender expression.
Our Membership

Although Sigma Epsilon is based in Atlanta, our membership is not limited to this city.  Our membership includes sisters who reside in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Texas. Our membership encompasses sisters of all ethnicity and religious backgrounds


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